Wind Power

Initiative, cooperation, versatility and high standards of service are key to the Port of Thyboron's DNA. Nowhere in Denmark is there as short a path from thought to action. In combination with Limfjordskaj II, our new heavy goods quay, and the 150,000 m2 of available area of land beyond it, Thyboron is genuine in its ambition to become a proactive and alternative strategic partner for any future wind power project that needs fast and efficient installation and service – 24/7/365.

The Port of Thyboron is next-door neighbour to the new 28 MW Nissum Bredning Test Site, which was installed in 2017 from Thyboron Port. Thyboron is also the closest port to Vesterhav Nord, which is a 350 MW near shore wind farm site. Vesterhav Nord lies about 5 nautical miles from the approach to the port. And finally Thyboron Port is only 20 nautical miles from, the until now greatest wind energy tender in Denmark, the 800-1000 MW offshore wind farm Thor, whereto the seabed investigations are already being run from Thyboron.

The Port of Thyboron is very flexible. We enforce no obligations regarding stevedore or winch operator and pilotage is not compulsory. The port is operational around the clock and offers quayside areas that are more than 1.5 kilometres from housing.

Whether you are involved in services, crew ships, installation or foundation production, Thyboron has the infrastructure you need.

  • Water level Harbour08:42
    -0.1 m
  • Current wind speed08:42
    3.8 m/s
  • Wind gust08:42
    4.1 m/s
  • Current wind direction08:42
    W 275°