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Floating dock

The largest floating dock on the Danish North Sea coast

The west coast’s floating dock

What had been long awaited became a reality in 2016. The west coast’s largest floating dock was to be located in Thyboron. Thyboron Shipyard, a joint venture of the port’s two largest metalwork companies – Thyborøn Skibs & Motor A/S and Kynde & Toft A/S, each with more than 50 years of experience and 100 employees – saw the chance to invest in a floating dock with a capacity of up to 9,000 T in Gothenburg, and took action.

This allows vessels to be worked over – from mast to propeller

It makes sense to consider everything when a vessel goes ashore. And it really works when a full range of skilled maritime service companies are ready to jump to work, as Thyboron is renowned for.

Minimising the time that a vessel spends ashore, where it is unproductive, is vital for the customer. Vessels need to be at sea, in service. It is therefore both cost-effective and time-saving for the customer when a lot of tasks can be handled at the same time while the vessel is docked.

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Expanded dock capacity

The floating dock has significantly expanded capacity. Over 40 vessels dock in Thyboron Shipyard’s floating dock each year, alone. These can be anything from large fishing vessels to offshore supply vessels and ro-ro vessels, etc. There is great variation in the types of ships that dock in Thyboron.

The floating dock in Thyboron has a capacity of up to 9,000 T. It is 153 metres long and 25 metres wide, and can take in two vessels at once during peak periods when maximum capacity is needed.

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Two dock pits

With two dock pits, the floating dock can take two vessels into dock at the same time. This significantly increases flexibility and efficiency, which is important during periods of peak demand.

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Qualified expertise

One big advantage the Port of Thyboron offers is that you can have a wide range of tasks performed on your vessel at the same time, because all types of tradesman are represented locally. Metalworkers are standing by to weld and surface treatment specialists are on hand. You can also get your electronics fixed and woodwork repaired at the same time. It is a huge advantage that the entire range of maritime service companies is represented at the same port.

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Offshore supply vessels

Since its arrival in 2016, the increased capacity that the floating dock has given the maritime services sector at the Port of Thyboron has led to an increase in flexibility, in terms of the size, number and types of vessels docked at Thyboron. Numerous offshore supply vessels are put into dock by Thyboron Shipyard today.

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Thyboron Shipyard operates the largest floating dock on the Danish west coast.
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A peek into the industry

Take a peek into the many professions that use the Port of Thyboron. There are some very good examples on Instagram of how port users work and utilise Thyboron Port.