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Four-track slipway, where over 100 vessels dock each year

One big advantage the Port of Thyboron offers is that you can have a wide range of tasks performed on your vessel at the same time, because all types of tradesman are represented locally. Metalworkers are standing by to weld and surface treatment specialists are on hand. You can also get your electronics fixed and woodwork repaired at the same time. This means that a lot of tasks can be arranged at the same time while the vessel is ashore. Fixing so many things during one docking saves both time and money. Minimising the time that a vessel spends ashore, where it is unproductive, makes a huge difference. Vessels need to be at sea, in service.

Around 108 vessels are put into dry dock using the slipway in Thyboron each year.

Regular maintenance

Dan-coat is in the process of freshening up the paint on the vessel Mostein here. The slipway in Thyboron can handle vessels up to 500 T, and four vessels can be worked on at a time with the renowned Thyboron flexibility.

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Conversion of CTVs

It was a challenge to haul SWATH vessels up on the slipway rails with their twin-hull design. It required innovation and expertise to find a good and safe solution, without putting the expensive carbon fibre vessels at risk. Thyborøn Skibs and Motor A/S developed a specially designed carriage for the task. This provides a safe foundation to ensure that the FOB SWATH vessels can be safely hauled up the slipway for renovation.

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Scheduled maintenance

If you have accumulated a number of maintenance tasks for docking, you can have everything done at once in Thyboron.

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Bottom paint and surface treatment

Some time spent in dry dock provides a good opportunity to check the underside of the vessel and renew the bottom paint.

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Weekend maintenance

When a transit fishing crew goes home for the weekend, maintenance can be done on the vessel while it waits in Thyboron.

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A peek into the industry

Take a peek into the many professions that use the Port of Thyboron. There are some very good examples on Instagram of how port users work and utilise Thyboron Port.