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Long tradition of rapid development

Modern fishing in a modern port

With a unique location close to North Sea fishing grounds, the Port of Thyboron has seen very active fishing from the very beginning, and remains one of the three largest fishing ports in Denmark. Three types of commercial fishing coexist at the Port of Thyboron today.

Navigation in all weather conditions

Located on the central west coast of Jutland, where the Liim Fiord flows into the North Sea, the Port of Thyboron is an ideal landing site for a range of fishing activities. When the North Sea is raging and the wind makes it impossible to enter and leave other ports, Thyboron’s east-facing entrance in the Liim Fiord makes it possible to call at the port, even in extreme weather conditions.

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Highly tuned port facilities

Easy access to fish discharging and refilling of supplies is essential for fishing vessels, so they can quickly return to sea. We take pride in ensuring the right working conditions and consider daily workflows when we build new port infrastructure. That is why the Port of Thyboron offers ideal facilities for efficient workflows and good working conditions today.

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Highlights for fishery

402 metres of new quay

The Port of Thyboron has renovated the entire harbour basin in Vestre Inderhavn. The water depth at the quay for newbuildings has been increased, and quay capacity for fishing for human consumption, particularly transit fishing vessels from Belgium and the Netherlands, has been expanded by 167 metres.

The greater water depth following the renovation has made a difference when fitting out new vessels. The expanded quay capacity for transit fishing crews increases flexibility at the port.

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New discharging facilities for industrial fishing

The facilities for industrial fishing are ultra-modern, highly efficient and very user-friendly. Pelagic and sand eel fishing have unique working conditions in Thyboron. To avoid waiting times during discharging, TripleNine A/S has invested in a new discharging plant with a capacity of 400 tonnes per hour. The Port of Thyboron has invested in the new quay, and Nordic Marine Oil A/S has invested in a new facility for flexible bunkering.

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First-class service

Over 100 local companies, each with their own special expertise, are standing by when you sail into the Port of Thyboron. There is a long tradition of maritime services in Thyboron, with a strong focus on giving customers the absolute best service. Rarely do you see so much expertise gathered in one place. If your vessel docks in Thyboron, all these companies are available to you at the same time. This clearly optimises and reduces time spent ashore. A lot of maintenance can be done while you are in port to discharge fish.

Operational information for fishing

Weather and water levels, navigation and harbour maps showing quay information – you can find practical information about navigation in the Port of Thyboron on this page.

Latest news for fishing!

At the Port of Thyboron, we do our best to ensure good working conditions for fishing crews. Below, you’ll find the latest initiatives to the benefit of fishing and upcoming fishing events where you can meet us.

Upcoming fishing events

This section lists upcoming events where you will be able to meet representatives from the Port of Thyboron in the near future. We look forward to meeting you!

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History of fishing in Thyboron