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150 kW rapid charger for electric vehicles

At the Port of Thyboron office

EV drivers can be quickly back on the road in Thyboron

EV drivers can now get a rapid recharge at Tankerskibsvej 4 in Thyboron. The rapid charger has been installed as part of the Port of Thyboron’s environment strategy. It is intended for port customers, local EV drivers and visitors to the town.

Hyper chargers for electric vehicles have been few and far between in West Jutland. Our investment in a rapid charger – the only one west of Silkeborg at present – is an example of our contribution to the green transition. We are pleased to offer a solution that rapidly charges electric vehicles in Thyboron.
- Jesper Holt Jensen, Director, Thyboron Port

Published Tuesday, August 9, 2022