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Bulk goods

Flexible and efficient bulk goods handling

Space for customised logistics solutions

Given the Port of Thyboron’s strategic location close to production and agriculture in Denmark, and the desire to better utilise the sea route and reduce road transport for environmental reasons, more and more customers are finding it attractive to sail goods in and out of Thyboron Port. Freight logistics are adapted to each customer’s needs, using the equipment and manpower needed for a stable flow and a successful operation.

Direct delivery from ship to customer

Quays with good truck access conditions in an undisturbed part of the port offer increased safety and truck driver convenience.

Direct distribution from the quay to the customer reduces storage to a minimum. This demands good timing, organisation and appropriate facilities.

See an efficient example of directly loading trucks from ships at the Port of Thyboron.

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Storage at the port

Gathering goods at the port before loading cargo vessels or storing goods at the port prior to delivery to the customer makes good logistics sense.

The Port of Thyboron has facilities for temporary storage outdoors, or indoors in quayside warehouses.

Locally-based Thyborøn Stevedore A/S is renowned for its flexible handling and rapid response, and can also provide warehouse capacity.

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Ample space for easy handling

Quayside outdoor areas are optimal for the temporary storage of stone chippings, asphalt and much more. The Port of Thyboron offers ample space for safe manoeuvring and an undisturbed workflow.

Infrastructure in the hinterland
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Bridge scales

Bridge scales for weighing during loading and unloading provide a good logistical overview. Several companies at the Port of Thyboron rent out bridge scales for this purpose.

Read more about bridge scales under ‘Facilities for goods’

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Local forklift drivers eager to assist

At the Port of Thyboron we cultivate synergies, and numerous companies work closely together. This ensures a wide range of skills, high flexibility and a quick response, and makes a difference when local forklift drivers need to be on hand.

Read more about this at Thyborøn Stevedore

Thyborøn Stevedore A/S
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Port infrastructure designed for bulk cargo activities

Highlights and news for the cargo sector

Events for the cargo sector

Operational information

Services to the cargo sector

Good service has high priority at the Port of Thyboron. We are passionate about giving you the best service every day, 24/7, 365 days a year. As are over 100 local companies, each with their own special expertise, that are standing by when you sail into the Port of Thyboron. There is a long tradition of maritime services in Thyboron, with a strong focus on giving customers the absolute best service. If your vessel docks in Thyboron, all these companies are available to you at the same time. This optimises and reduces time ashore, and a lot of maintenance can be done while you are in port to unload.

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