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Operations information

Practical information for port operations

Information for planning and operations

We strive to make it easy and straightforward to call at the Port of Thyboron, and simple to find relevant information for planning ship calls at port and the associated logistics, thereby ensuring a stable operations flow. This page contains extensive practical information for conducting port operations.

Current weather information

This page shows the latest wind and water level measurements from Thyboron.

Water level in harbour icon

0.21 m

Water level in port DVR90

Current wind speed icon

4.0 m/s

Current wind speed

Wind gust icon

4.0 m/s

Wind gust

Current wind direction icon

NNW 343°

Current wind direction

Water level at sea icon

0.24 m

Water level at sea DVR90

Average wind speed icon

3.2 m/s

Average wind speed

Barometer icon

1015 hPa


Average wind direction icon

NNW 346°

Average wind direction

Last updated 7/20/2024 at 3:44 PM


Conditions and forms