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Offshore mobilisation

Ample space for mobilising offshore vessels

Mobilising and demobilising offshore vessels

Numerous offshore vessels mobilise and demobilise at the Port of Thyboron. There is ample space in several port locations, free from disruptions. A wide range of local service companies are standing by to provide expert services when you need them.

Undisrupted mobilisation

Mobilisation of offshore vessels always takes place in an undisturbed area of the Port of Thyboron. There are several suitable areas for this, of all sizes, with load capacities of up to 23 tonnes per square meter.

You will find the full range of local services required – everything from crane lifting, to sea-fastening, equipment installation, surface coatings, provisioning, accommodation and much more.

Local services for offshore activities
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Ample space for quayside construction

Quayside project land provides ample space for the construction of large specialised equipment for direct installation on offshore vessels. There are also good facilities for constructing components on the quay for direct loading, where these are too large or too heavy to transport by road.

You can book the desired amount of space, as well as quay exclusivity if desired, and work undisturbed during the period needed for your special project.

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Quays for mobilisation

A peek into the industry

Take a peek into the many professions that use the Port of Thyboron. There are some very good examples on Instagram of how port users work and utilise Thyboron Port.