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Full range

of local service companies

Solution-oriented approach

There are over 100 companies at the Port of Thyboron, each with their own special expertise. They all have a service-minded and solution-oriented approach to projects, and work closely together to find the very best solutions for customers in a wide range of tasks. Together, they ensure that everything can be done while the vessel is in port.

Any maritime service task can be done at the Port of Thyboron.

Fully range of maritime services

All services are available to you at the Port of Thyboron. Below you will find a list of local service companies in each category.

Bunkering Barge 7048 Web

Marine services

Marine services cover many things, including bunkering, agents, pilots and tugboat services

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Thyboron Stevedore 2843 Web

Cargo handling

Stevedoring and cargo handling

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Surface Treatment 4496 Web

Paint and surface coatings

You will find professionals to assist with surface treatment for vessels and offshore wind turbines and foundations at the Port of Thyboron.

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Gravel 4298 Web

Gravel and sand supplier

Premium gravel quality

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Fish Auction 4468 Web

Fish distribution

Fish auction, fishmeal factories and fishmongers

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Thyboron Indkøbsforening 4033 Web

Safety equipment

Safety equipment such as rope, wire, rescue harnesses, rescue nets and PPE equipment

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Thyboron Hotel 3534 Web


Accommodation that is like being at home

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Nordsoetrawl Flyshooter 4070 Web

Fishing gear supplier

World-leading expertise in relation to fly shooters, trawls and trawl buckets and much more

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Floating Dock 6886 Web

Shipbuilding and ship repair

Below you will find a list of the many companies that provide ship repair services and newbuildings, grouped by service category.

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Doctor 1629616687 Web

Health care

Quick assistance

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Car, train, taxi

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JD Undervands Web

Subsea work

Professional underwater work can be many things and requires specific skills. It ranges from seabed surveys, to seabed structures such as subsea cables and wind turbine foundations, and much more.

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Building 0905 Web

Building and construction

Warehouses for fishing equipment, production halls, cool room airlocks and much more. You will find suppliers for these things at the Port of Thyboron.

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IMG 0399

Vocational training

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O&M CTV 4522 Web

Crew transfer

CTV services for offshore wind farms with an advanced fleet based at Thyboron Port.

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NSOS Symbol

Offshore service network

A solid cluster of qualified service suppliers for the wind energy sector.

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Skibsrens 6295 Web

Vessel and wind turbine cleaning

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Kassevaskehal 6330 Web

Ice and fish boxes

Ice and cleaned fish boxes ready for use are both services for fishing vessels that the Port of Thyboron excels at providing efficiently.

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Bank Web


Banks and accountants

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You will find skilled technicians and qualified personnel at the Port of Thyboron

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