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QHSE have top priority

At the Port of Thyboron, we give high priority to quality, the environment and health and safety. For this reason, we have been ISO certified since 2020 within these three standards: ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment and ISO 45001 Working environment. Find out more in our QHSE policy below.

We constantly strive to have the highest QHSE level
- Thyboron Port

QHSE-policy - Quality Health Safety Environmental

The Port of Thyboron is a busy commercial port. The port was originally established as a fishing harbour in 1914 with the diligence and grit which is so typical of West Jutlanders. Given its strategic location close to fishing grounds, neighbouring countries around the North Sea, gravel pits and the forthcoming wind farms in the North Sea, the port has been steadily evolving over the years, and now has four equally significant business areas – fishing, freight, maritime services and offshore.

We listen to and work with our customers to create the right framework for the best possible working conditions, and the right infrastructure to cater for widely varying needs. Good service is fundamental to our culture. Providing the best and most flexible service imaginable is part and parcel of our DNA. The Port of Thyboron’s service policy

In all our operations, we will:

  • Provide services of a high and consistent quality
  • Maintain good and trusting communication with all our stakeholders
  • Strive to understand and meet our customers’ needs, and aim for complete customer satisfaction
  • Promote a work culture that achieves our business goals through safe conduct, environmental awareness and the use of quality systems
  • Comply with all applicable legal requirements and guidelines as well as other relevant requirements
  • Eliminate hazards and reduce all risks associated with the operation and development of the Port of Thyboron
  • Create safe and healthy working conditions – both psychosocial and physical – to prevent work-related injuries and illness
  • Protect the environment, e.g. by preventing pollution
  • Use our resources efficiently and measure resource consumption
  • Contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with particular focus on the following five:

SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy
In so far as possible, we help to ensure access to reliable and sustainable energy at an affordable price.

SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities
We contribute to the sustainable and attractive development of the local community.

SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production
We ensure sustainable consumption and production methods in all our activities.

SDG 13: Climate action
We work continually to mitigate climate change as a result of our activities and the consequences thereof.

SDG 14: Life below water
We help to ensure the sustainable use of the world’s oceans and their resources.

Management also wants to:

  • Consult and involve employees and OHS representatives in all relevant decision-making processes.
  • Continuously improve management systems to enhance environmental performance, OHS performance and the development of good service.
  • Ensure the necessary education and training of all employees.
  • Provide the necessary resources for implementing and maintaining all QHSE activities.
  • Communicate openly internally and externally about the policy.

As regards our vision, mission and values, we have defined strategies and goals to continuously improve the working environment, reduce environmental impacts and improve quality.

The QHSE policy applies to all employees as well as the management team at the Port of Thyboron.

DK ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001 Aligned COL Outline
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ISO Ekstern Audit 3046 Web
ISO Ekstern Audit 3044 Web
ISO Ekstern Audit 3057 Web
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