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Quays for offshore

Quays for specific types of offshore projects

The offshore sector has varying requirements in terms of facilities to ensure a stable project flow and good working conditions. This page has an overview of the quays that cater to various offshore wind energy activities.

Full overview of quays suitable for offshore activities

Gåseholmkaj - quay 1012, 1013

Gåseholmkaj is ideal for man overboard exercises with the fishing school, and maritime service on smaller vessels. There are also good working conditions for CTVs, with quayside land for equipment storage and good parking facilities.

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Kanal Mole - quay 300, 302, 303, 410, 411, 504, 505

Kanal Mole is suitable for small commercial fishing vessels, CTVs, tugboats and guard ships with its 5 metres of water depth. There is easy access to electricity and options for waste disposal at the quayside.

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Limfjordskaj ll - quay 2009, 2010

Project quay facilities with ample adjacent land for offshore wind projects. The heavy-lift facilities are suitable for project cargo, with a load capacity of 23 tonnes per square metre.

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Midterpier - quay 100 & 203

Historic wooden pier in the innermost part of the port. Quay position 100 is used by yachtsmen.

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Nordre Mole - quay 812, 813

Nordre Mole is ideal as a layover quay for offshore supply vessels. The pier has been renovated and expanded to a width of 10.5 metres, ensuring easy access for maritime services.

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Oliekaj - quay 906, 907

130 metres of new quay designed for oil tankers, offshore supply vessels and industrial fishing vessels, which can also be used to handle bulk cargo. The quay has facilities for ex-pipe bunkering of large vessels, with a capacity to refuel at 1,500 l/min until the vessel is filled.

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Sydhavnskaj - quay 2001, 2002

Sydhavnskaj is the oldest cargo terminal at the Port of Thyboron. The terminal has environmental approval to handle residues from the FMC chemical company. The quay is used for smaller coasters that require less water depth.

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Tankskibskaj - quay 809, 810, 600

Tankskibskaj is a multifunctional quay suitable for mobilising offshore vessels and transit fishing. The quay, located close to the town centre, is also approved for cruise ships.

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