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Gearing up to support exciting green energy venture

Green ammonia production to be shipped from the Port of Thyboron

The Port of Thyboron is gearing up to support exciting green energy venture on the Danish North Sea coast.

For the past seven years, offshore wind energy has been a key strategic focus area at the Port of Thyboron, which has plans for the further development of its land areas, quays and navigable channels to make sure that the port is ready to play its part in the green transition and create value for the Power-to-X agenda.

Now, the large Japanese group Sumitomo Corporation and the local Danish player Skovgaard Energy are set to invest jointly in the production of green ammonia for shipment from the Port of Thyboron.

Both companies believe the Port of Thyboron holds considerable potential for the shipping of finished products from the future production of green ammonia which is planned to start in Q2 2024. This is due both to the port’s location as a natural harbour close to the large offshore wind farms planned in the North Sea and to the potential for further expansion of quayside areas at a good distance from the town centre.

“This is an historic announcement that may well have a hugely positive impact on the Port of Thyboron. A company of Sumitomo’s size will, together with a competent local energy developer, be able to turbocharge the green transition. With this statement of intent between Sumitomo and Skovgaard Energy, the port’s strategic position on the North Sea will be further strengthened, and we are standing ready,” says Jesper Holt Jensen, CEO of the Port of Thyboron.

He continues: “Part of the Port of Thyboron’s strategy is to make sure that our land areas, quays and navigable channels are sufficiently developed for the port to be able to contribute to the green transition, also within Power-to-X.”

Strong foreign interest calls for a hydrogen connection to the Port of Thyboron
“The fact that such a big player and a local partner with the right competences want to work with green ammonia based on shipments from the Port of Thyboron clearly calls for the establishment of a hydrogen connection to the port. The right infrastructure has to be in place, and a hydrogen connection will support Skovgaard Energy and Sumitomo Corporation’s current plans,” says Jesper Holt Jensen.

Port of Thyboron – facts:

The Port of Thyboron is a dynamic commercial port which goes back more than 100 years, and which is strategically located on the Danish North Sea coast as a natural harbour, well protected inside the Liim Fiord. The port offers safe navigation conditions with a water depth of 11 metres in all weather conditions.

Today, the port has 6 km of quays and a total port area of one million square metres, of which 300,000 square metres are made available for storing large wind turbine components. Due to its location, the port has considerable potential for developing both its land areas and its quay facilities to accommodate new business areas, like ammonia from Power-to-X.

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Published Friday, October 6, 2023