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Offshore O&M hub

O&M base close to the Danish North Sea offshore wind farms

Strategic location for Offshore O&M

With a strategic location close to Vesterhav Nord/Syd, Thor, the future energy island in the North Sea and the coast of Norway, Thyboron is a future-proof choice for the operation and maintenance of future offshore wind farms in the North Sea. All-weather navigation ensures stable operation.

Dedicated O&M hub

The port has a dedicated harbour basin for the operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms, high voltage submarine cables, etc. There is excellent potential here for establishing a quayside O&M centre in an undisturbed area of the port, with space for CTV’s alongside office and storage facilities – and all close to a main road.

There is ample space for setting up efficient workflows under good working conditions.

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Quay for loading spare parts

The quay was designed in close consultation with O&M logistics teams for offshore wind energy. Quayside land for spare parts storage and a fixed quay for loading and unloading spare parts, with easy access for Manitou machines, were the highest priorities.

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Pontoons for safe crew transfers

The entire quay was designed in close cooperation with customers and stakeholders, including CTV suppliers. The Port of Thyboron has 0.5 m tides. The quay has landing stages for safe crew changes at any water level, and has easy access for forklifts.

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Handling main components

The project quay for the installation of offshore wind farms is located right next to the O&M base at the Port of Thyboron. This makes it easy to also handle main components from here.

Read more about the heavy-lift and project quay facilities:

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O&M experience

The renowned FOB SWATH CTVs from Offshore Wind Service are based at the Port of Thyboron. Their extensive experience with offshore wind turbine O&M is internationally recognised.

The Nissum Bredning offshore wind farm is also operated from the Port of Thyboron. The port therefore has experience with O&M for offshore wind farms.

Find out more about the Port of Thyboron’s offshore wind energy customers:

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Highlights for Offshore O&M

Local services

The Port of Thyboron offers a full range of expert services. You will find everything from maintenance of offshore wind farms and subsea structures to ship repair, catering, accommodation and provisioning.