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Project cargo

Dedicated quay facilities for efficient project flow

Heavy-lift quay facilities with lots of space

The Port of Thyboron has a dedicated project quay for extra heavy lifting, with extensive adjacent land, ensuring ample space for handling primary components etc. This is why the port is being increasingly used for project cargo. The flexibility and level of service that characterise our way of working also make a huge difference in the daily work.

Transformer freight

Heavy project cargo such as substations and transformer stations for offshore wind farms can be handled safely and efficiently at the Port of Thyboron. The ability to navigate in any weather conditions ensures that projects are not unexpectedly delayed by weather.

The freedom and flexibility to design the logistics so they best suit the freight project leads to clear optimisation benefits. It makes a big difference that the vessel´s gears can be freely used for loading and unloading at the Port of Thyboron at any time.

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Wind turbine components

The long blades of onshore and offshore wind turbines require lots of space for handling at the port.

The spacious adjacent land, with an extra 5,000 m2 for heavy goods and 150,000 m2 for temporary storage of components, ensures great working conditions during the project. This allows the long blades to be easily and elegantly handled by the large low loaders and SPMTs.

The vessel can berth immediately when exclusive use of the quay has been arranged in advance. This ensures a streamlined handling process for all of the main components, for the benefit of the project.

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Full focus on your project cargo

You can book exclusive use of a quay for project cargo operations during the required period. This ensures a stable workflow without interruptions, which can be very important during offshore wind farm installations where every minute counts.

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You are guaranteed a stable project flow, with navigation in any weather conditions and land on which you can work undisturbed. The logistics can be tailored to the project, to ensure efficiency, cost optimisation and a safe working environment.
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Quay for project cargo

Highlights and news for the project cargo sector

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Practical information for handling project cargo at the Port of Thyboron

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