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Ex-pipe bunkering in Thyboron

Bunkering capacity of 1,500 l/min until the vessel is filled

New high-speed bunkering system in Thyboron

Big vessels needing large quantities of bunker fuel can now refuel efficiently at the Port of Thyboron. In connection with the construction of a new quay at the port, a high-speed supply facility for ex-pipe bunkering of large vessels has been established. The world’s largest split hopper suction dredger, Njord R, was the first vessel to refuel at the new facility in Thyboron.

Nordic Marine Oil A/S, today Malik Energy A/S, an extremely experienced supplier of bunkering services at the Port of Thyboron, has invested in new facilities for more efficient fuel handling, increased supply flexibility, and a high-speed ex-pipe bunkering solution at the newly constructed Oliekaj quay.

The bunkering supplier is well-established in Thyboron and serves vessels as required with a flexible fleet of bunker barges and fixed self-service facilities at the port.

Bunkering from barges
The bunker barges are extremely flexible. They refuel at a high flow rate of 1,500 l/min and are able to sail to exactly where the bunkering is needed. Bunkering from a barge can also take place at the same time as other tasks are being performed, such as maritime services and unloading fish. There are thus many advantages in having a flexible system using bunker barges.

In some cases, however, refuelling from bunker barges can take too long, for example if a ship needs large volumes of fuel and has a tight schedule. The barges have a tank capacity of 70-80 m3. To meet the needs of ships for rapid bunkering of large volumes in a relatively short time, Malik Energy A/S seized the opportunity to lay new pipes during construction of the new Oliekaj quay, upgrading their services in Thyboron with an ex-pipe solution at the new quay. Bunkering takes place directly from the 5,500 m3 tank system at a constant flow rate of up to 1,500 l/min, until the ship’s fuel tanks are completely full.

Ex-pipe bunkering premiere
The world’s largest split hopper suction dredger Njord R was the first vessel to bunker using the new ex-pipe solution at the Port of Thyboron. The vessel had refuelled at Thyboron in the past, but this had required the bunker barges to be refilled several times in order to fill Njord R’s 400,000-litre tanks. The bunker barges move quickly into place, but to completely refuel Njord R they had to be refilled a few times, given that they have a capacity of only 70-80 m3 or about 80,000 litres.

Fast response times are extremely important for Rohde Nielsen A/S, which operates Njord R, and fast bunkering can make a significant difference to their daily activities.
With the new facilities, Njord R can be refuelled without interruption at 1500 l/min until its tanks are completely full. It takes no time to fill 3-400,000 litres of bunker at the Port of Thyboron today.

Simple access to new quays
The new Oliekaj quay lies in a straight line from the entrance to the Port of Thyboron. Entering the port is simple and straightforward, and the water depth is 9 metres.

Malik Energy A/S
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Published Wednesday, November 4, 2020