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To promote sustainable development and protect the environment, the Port of Thyboron has committed to responsible purchasing. The Port of Thyboron’s procurement policy aims to ensure that consideration is given to the environment and work environment during procurement, in addition to economics, quality and operation.
Read more about this in our Procurement Policy.

We expect the port’s suppliers and contractors to promote safe and healthy work areas, with a focus on preventing near misses and accidents and minimising environmental impacts. All contractors, suppliers or consultants who provide services to or work for the Port of Thyboron must therefore conduct their activities in line with the port’s QHSE (quality, health, safety and environment) policy.

The Port of Thyboron has laid down preventative rules within various work environment areas to make it clear which guidelines for the work environment and environment the port requires that development of the port takes place under.
The guidelines also aim to ensure that development takes place with the greatest possible focus on a good and safe work environment and without environmental impacts.

Read more about this in our environment and health and safety requirements for contractors and suppliers.

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