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Space to set up your company

At the Port of Thyboron, we make sure to always have spare capacity, so there is space for new companies at the port. We have therefore established new building plots near the floating dock, south of the slipway, and built the Holmen, Servicevej and Dokvej roads. These plots are ideal for maritime service companies, with a location close to Værftskaj.
The plots are also directly opposite the Thyboron district heating plant, on the other side of the main road, allowing easy deliveries to this.

We have dedicated our sites for various purposes and related industries, so that all parties can thrive side by side, without disruption.

Map of vacant building plots

Port Map 2020 Side 6 Byggegrunde
Port Map 2020 Side 6 Byggegrunde

New opportunities on the way

A soon-to-be-completed port expansion to the south will pave the way for new goods handling and stevedoring companies. 150,000 m2 of new quayside land will allow the sea route to be used for more goods transport, and the reliable navigation conditions at the Port of Thyboron guarantee a stable workflow.

If you are looking for space to build a company with a port-related purpose, then the Port of Thyboron has what you need.

More quayside areas for goods handling in 2022