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Quick delivery and flexible choices

High speed ex-pipe bunkering at Oliekaj

With ex-pipe delivery and assistance from Nordic Marine Oil, using a three-inch hose, capacity can be raised to 1,500 l/min on Oliekaj, Tobiskaj and Sperlingkaj.

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Bunkering from barges on the water side

Bunker delivery from barges is the flexible solution. This allows you to refill bunker oil where your vessel is located. Nordic Marine Oil A/S has three bunker barges in Thyboron, each with a capacity of 60-70 m3, offering delivery service. The pump capacity of each barge is about 1,400-1,500 l/min.

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Self-service system on Sperlingkaj

Nordic Marine Oil has invested in five new stands with card readers and hose reels for self-service on Sperlingkaj. These have a capacity of about 600 l/min during self-service.

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Self-service on Tværmole

For smaller vessels, there is a 50 m3 self-service tank system with a card reader at Tværmole, operated by Nordic Marine Oil A/S. The capacity is 500 l/min using a large hose and 200 l/min using a small hose.

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Hanstholm Olieforsyning also has a refilling system on Tværmole.

Hanstholm Olieforsyning

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Bunkering system on Sydhavnskaj

High speed bunkering of about 1400-1500 l/min, can be supplied by barge in the Southern part of the Port, and there is direct access to a tank system on Sydhavnskaj.

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Oil delivery by truck

Bunker oil and lubricating oil can also be supplied by truck throughout most of the port.


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