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Fishing for human consumption

MSC-certified North Sea fish of excellent quality for all of the EU

Modern fishing in a modern port

With a strategic location close to fishing grounds in the North Sea, the Port of Thyboron has roots in fishing for human consumption. Fishing for human consumption has developed steadily and been modernised over the years, and now uses safe vessels with good working conditions for the crew, and equipment that ensures consumers the best quality.

Markedly improved working conditions on board fishing vessels increase the safety of fishermen and preserve the fish quality.

Sea-packed fish

The Port of Thyboron specialises as a landing site for high-quality edible fish, with an unbroken cold chain from the ship until the fish arrive at the customer.

A very high proportion of sea-packed fresh fish are landed, which have been graded, cleaned, weighed and put on ice at sea, fully ready for sale at the fish auction.

Information on the fishing vessel, catch date and location, fish species and weight is printed on labels accompanying each fish box. There is thus full traceability.

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Full focus on fishing vessels

When fishing vessels land their catch very early in the morning, forklift drivers are standing by. The fish are immediately driven into the cold room to be sold at the morning fish auction. And clean new fish boxes are driven to the quay from the box washing facility.

The fishing vessel receives full attention while it is in port to deliver first-class North Sea fish. All consumables and supplies are filled and restocked at the same time.

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International fish auction with excellent receiving facilities

Danske Fiskeauktioner A/S offers a complete logistical package that ensures the quality of the fish, with an unbroken cold chain from the ship to the customer. The fish auction is located beside the quay at Konsumkaj in the Port of Thyboron, so there is direct access from the fishing vessel into the large cold storage facilities.

The fish auction doubled its capacity at the Port of Thyboron in 2017, and can also grade fish for fishing vessels that do not supply sea-packed fish, with its efficient grading plant.

The fish auction provides direct access to 190 customers across the EU with one-day delivery.

Find out more about the Fish Auction in Thyboron

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Multitasking at its best

The Port of Thyboron supports fishing vessels by providing port facilities with easy access to maritime services and supplies in the same workflow.

Aaltje Postma gets refuelled at Svanholmkaj from a bunker barge, while replacing a complete set of Danish seine lines in just 3-4 hours. The skipper has a clear conscience, because he knows the old lines will be recycled as part of the service.

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Specially designed port facilities for fishing for human consumption

Easy access to fish discharging and refilling of supplies is essential for fishing vessels, so they can quickly return to sea while the fish quotas are open. We therefore take pride in ensuring that fishing crews have the right working conditions and consider their workflows when we build new port infrastructure.

Box rental and washing facility

To ease the workflow for fishing crews, we have established a box washing facility right next to the fish auction, to make it easy to handle and clean fish boxes.

A box washer with a capacity of 750 boxes per hour cleans fish boxes while the fishing vessel is in port to unload fish.

Find out more about the box washing facility

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Environmentally responsible fishing

Danish commercial fishing at the Port of Thyboron is highly MSC certified.

MSC certification is the consumer’s guarantee that the fish have been caught in an environmentally responsible manner using sustainable practices, and that no overfishing occurs.

When seafood carries the ‘blue fish’ MSC logo, it means that the fish come from stocks that are not threatened, where the marine environment is preserved and the fishing is well managed.

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Highlights for fishing for human consumption

Greater capacity for newbuildings

The Port of Thyboron has renovated the entire harbour basin in Vestre Inderhavn. The water depth at the quay for newbuildings has been increased, and quay capacity for fishing for human consumption and transit fishing vessels from Belgium and the Netherlands has been expanded by 167 m.

Find out more about the renovated harbour bassin for newbuilds
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First-class new fishing vessels are coming into the world at Thyboron

Several newbuldings are fitted out every year at the Port of Thyboron. They are built in the Vestre Inderhavn harbour basin, and a full range of service companies are available at the port. The many companies work closely together and at the same time, so that the vessel becomes ready as soon as possible.

This new Linette L120 is en route to Alfred Fisker and Tommy Swarth.

Newbuilds and conversions
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First-class service

Over 100 local companies, each with their own special expertise, are standing by when you sail into the Port of Thyboron. There is a long tradition of maritime services in Thyboron, with a strong focus on giving customers the absolute best service. Rarely do you see so much expertise gathered in one place. If your vessel docks in Thyboron, all these companies are available to you at the same time. This clearly optimises and reduces time spent ashore. A lot of maintenance can be done while you are in port to unload fish.

News for fishery for human consumption

At the Port of Thyboron, we do our best to ensure good working conditions for fishing crews. Below, you’ll find the latest initiatives to the benefit of fishing for human consumption and upcoming fishing events where you can meet us.

Upcoming events for fishing for human consumption

Operational information for fishing for human consumption

A peek into the industry

Take a peek into the many professions that use the Port of Thyboron. There are some very good examples on Instagram of how port users work and utilise Thyboron Port.