Oil & Gas

The Port of Thyborøn has an ideal location on the Danish North Sea coast. There is easy access to the North Sea and shorter sailing times to the northernmost oil & gas installations in the Danish sector than from other ports, e.g. Esbjerg. The east-facing approach to the Port of Thyborøn in the Limfjord makes it possible to enter the port even in very rough weather. No other port on the North Sea coast can match this. The Port of Thyborøn has the shortest sailing times, not only to the northernmost sectors of the English and Scottish sectors, but also to the southernmost Norwegian oil & gas fields.

The port provides a wide range of excellent quayside facilities, including rapid loading and unloading of containers, project cargoes, etc., depending on the load-bearing capacity required on the quay.

The Port of Thyborøn is very flexible. We enforce no obligations regarding stevedore or winch operator and pilotage is not compulsory. The port is operational around the clock, and offers quayside areas that are more than 1.5 kilometres from housing areas.

If you have questions, call the Port Office for information about approach conditions.

  • Water level Harbour09:01
    -0.12 m
  • Current wind speed09:01
    2.5 m/s
  • Wind gust09:01
    3.8 m/s
  • Current wind direction09:01
    W 256°