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New Port facilities for fishermen

DKK 97 million invested in new port facilities for fishermen

Midterhavnen – the central harbour which can justifiably be called the heart of the Port of Thyboron – is fully modernised and running like clockwork after a major upgrade of the two middlemost basins, which today offer unique working conditions and facilities for building new vessels and the discharging of fish for the fishmeal and fish oil factory TripleNine A/S.

The Port of Thyboron has just put the finishing touches to the project, which completes the construction of two large harbour facilities in the central harbour, where DKK 22 million has been invested in the Vestre Inderhavn basin, which is used for fitting out new fishing vessels, while DKK 75 million has been invested in new discharging quay facilities at the fishmeal factory TripleNine A/S. The Port of Thyboron has thus invested a total of DKK 62 million in the construction projects, benefitting fishing for both human consumption and industrial purposes. The remaining DKK 35 million has been invested by TripleNine A/S in new facilities for discharging protein fish for feed production. Both construction projects have proceeded according to plan, with day-to-day operations continuing as normal without incurring any stoppages in either harbour basin throughout the construction period.

The investment in the central basin at the Port of Thyboron means that the port is now fully upgraded, and that all the basins are adapted to current needs.

Fishing is important in Thyboron

“The Port of Thyboron has its roots in fishing, and fishing remains very important for the port. Overall, the fishing industry here accounts for about half of revenue, and we’re ranked third among the largest Danish fishing ports. Therefore, it’s also strategically important to ensure that our port facilities continue to support fishing activities and the work of the fishermen, and that we generally keep pace with developments,” says Jesper Holt Jensen, Managing Director, Port of Thyboron.

Change and optimum adaptation

The pace of development is rapid, fishing vessels continue to grow in size, and new demands are being made of the industry. Therefore, the Port of Thyboron always engages in close dialogue with those using the harbour basins before new port facilities are planned to ensure that the best possible solutions are found, and that the infrastructure takes users’ needs into account.

Published Thursday, September 3, 2020