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Fishmeal and fish oil factory

One of the world’s largest fishmeal and fish oil production plants

Future-proof fishmeal factory with world-class facilities

TripleNine A/S in Thyboron operates one of the world’s largest fishmeal and fish oil factories, and produces and sells high quality fishmeal and fish oil made from fish supplied by local and foreign fishermen.

TripleNine A/S began a thorough modernisation of the factory in Thyboron in 2014, investing DKK 125 million in the factory and DKK 35 million in the receiving facilities. The Port of Thyboron has also invested DKK 40 million in a new quay associated with this.

Our factory in Thyboron has an excellent strategic location close to the North Sea fishing grounds, and also for foreign landings from Swedish, Norwegian, Faroese and Scottish vessels. It was therefore natural for us to modernise the factory and receiving facilities in Thyboron, and ensure that they can keep up with the growing size of vessels and meet current environmental requirements.
- TripleNine A/S

Located just inside the entrance

The TripleNine A/S fishmeal and fish oil factory has a quayside location on the Sperlingkaj unloading quay, directly opposite the entrance to the Port of Thyboron. It is very easy to navigate here in any weather conditions. Fish are pumped directly from the fishing vessel into the factory’s receiving plant without any further handling in an efficient workflow.

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400 tonnes per hour discharging capacity

To keep waiting times when discharging to an absolute minimum, the new receiving facilities at TripleNine A/S can handle 400 tonnes of fish per hour.

Discharging is done via two parallel draining systems, which can handle 400 tonnes an hour with a self-discharging function.

The high discharging speed ensures that vessels can quickly return to sea.

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Quality assurance for the raw product

Quality is value, and TripleNine A/S takes good care of the quality of the catch that industrial fishing crews land in Thyboron. The fish are transported from the ship to the factory in a hermetically sealed pumping system that ensures gentle handling and preserves quality.

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The new transport method in a closed pumping system completely eliminates the need for harsh tools such as scraper conveyors. It is therefore a significantly more gentle method for unloading industrial fish. The fish are kept more intact until they enter production, and this significantly increases the quality of the end product.
- TripleNine A/S

Flexible and good service during discharging

Quick response times and good service ensure the time the vessel spends in port is fully optimised. There is therefore easy access to supplies. Fishing vessels can receive water for their cooling tanks, bunkering, and connect to onshore power while discharging.

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TripleNine A/S is part of TripleNine Group, which is Norwegian owned and based in Esbjerg, with production in Denmark, Norway and Chile.

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