The fisheries industries are still the main activity at the Port of Thyborøn. Fisheries account for just over half of total port revenue. 4,500 fish cargoes are landed at Thyborøn each year – to a total value of DKK 800 million.

We have a very large and loyal local fleet of cutters as well as foreign vessels, which frequently call at the port. Together the vessels provide a regular flow of fish to the fish auction, fish meal factory and fish processing facilities.

Located midway along the North Sea coast where the Limfjord meets the North Sea, the Port of Thyborøn is an ideal port of call for many different types of fisheries vessels. Even when the North Sea is choppy and winds make it impossible to sail in and out of other ports, the east-facing approach in the Limfjord at Thyborøn allows ships to enter. Vessels have more days at sea as the weather out at the fishing grounds is often better than at the ports.

Modern fisheries also need rapid access to skilled and versatile maritime service companies. We offer the full palette of services on the Port of Thyborøn. We offer superb services and unmatched competences in everything from provisioning and trawl repairs to major overhauls at Denmark's third-largest dock.

On this page, you can choose whether to read more about fish for human consumption, industrial fisheries or fish for transit and find more information about the fish auction and fish meal factory.

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