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Quays for efficient fish handling for each type of fishing

The harbour requirements of fishing vessels are very sector-specific. That is why we have quays dedicated to fishing in various categories. This page presents an overview of the different quays for the various types of fishing.

Full overview of quays suitable for fishing

Isværkkaj - quay 703, 706

Isværkkaj is suitable for fishing for human consumption vessels, including transit fishing vessels. It is also ideal for ship repair and maintenance from the nearby Kynde & Toft A/S and Thyborøn Skibs & Motor A/S shipyards.

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Kanal Mole - quay 300, 302, 303, 410, 411, 504, 505

Kanal Mole is suitable for small commercial fishing vessels, CTVs, tugboats and guard ships with its 5 metres of water depth. There is easy access to electricity and options for waste disposal at the quayside.

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Konsumkaj - quay 502

At Konsumkaj, fishermen land their catch directly into the fish auction, which distributes the fresh North Sea fish throughout the EU. There is also easy access at the quay to clean fish boxes for the next voyage, direct from the quayside box washing facility.

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Nordsøkaj - quay 900, 901, 1021, 1022, 1023

Nordsøkaj has been built for maritime services for fishing vessels. The quay can handle heavy lifting, and offers excellent access for maritime services. Numerous maritime service companies are located right beside Nordsøkaj.

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Oliekaj - quay 906, 907

130 metres of new quay designed for oil tankers, offshore supply vessels and industrial fishing vessels, which can also be used to handle bulk cargo. The quay has facilities for ex-pipe bunkering of large vessels, with a capacity to refuel at 1,500 l/min until the vessel is filled.

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Sperlingkaj - quay 803, 804 & 808

The discharging system for the fishmeal factory, with a capacity of 400 tonnes per hour, is located on Sperlingkaj. These first-class quay facilities for industrial fishing vessels began operation in 2020, and have been created through unique collaboration to meet all operational needs.

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Svanholmkaj - quay 1014, 1015, 1016

Svanholmkaj is ideal for repairing and replacing fishing gear such as Danish seine line. The quayside trawl-stretching facility offers good opportunities for inspecting fishing gear.

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Tankskibskaj - quay 809, 810, 600

Tankskibskaj is a multifunctional quay suitable for mobilising offshore vessels and transit fishing. The quay, located close to the town centre, is also approved for cruise ships.

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Tobiskaj - quay 903, 904, 905

Tobiskaj has a custom-designed system for loading finished products from the TripleNine A/S fishmeal and fish oil factory, and is also used as a layover quay for fishing vessels as needed.

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Tværkaj - quay 702

Quay suitable for maritime services related to the repair and maintenance and new construction of fishing vessels. The Kynde & Toft A/S shipyard is located right beside Tværkaj.

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Tværmole - quay 500, 501, 604

Tværmole has a self-service bunkering system for CTVs and fishing vessels and a layover area for transit fishing vessels and cutters.

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Yderpier - quay 503 & 400

Yderpier quay extends Konsumkaj and is used by fishing for human consumption vessels. The quay runs behind the fish auction and can therefore also be used to land fish directly at the auction.

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