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Quay 502

An efficient quay for landing fish for human consumption

Konsumkaj is the quay where fishermen land their catch for the international fish auction held by Danske Fiskeauktioner A/S. It offers ideal working conditions for fishing crews when they land their freshly caught fish. The fish auction is right beside the quay, and adjacent to a fully automated box washing facility, which ensures that fish boxes are quickly cleaned and ready to be re-used on the next fishing voyage.

At Konsumkaj, everything fishing crews need is near at hand when they call at port to land their fish. Both the fish auction and the box washing facility are positioned as close to the fishing vessel as possible, and forklift drivers are standing by to collect the fish and take them to the auction. There is easy access to water and electricity, and to disposing of ship waste.

The fresh fish are taken directly to the fish auction

There is direct access to the fish auction from Konsumkaj, and fishing crews make room for the next vessel once they have unloaded, so everyone can unload.

Danish Fish Auctions A/S
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Discharging sea-packed fish

There is a hive of activity at Konsumkaj at night and in the early morning as fish are unloaded for the morning fish auction.

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Forklift drivers are standing by

The forklift drivers immediately come out to take the fresh fish directly into the cold room.

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Transit fishermen serviced by fish auction

It is easy for transit fisherman to land fish at the fish auction in Thyboron.

The fish auction can sell the fish, but it can also simply help transit fishermen sort fish prior to further transport, according to current EU rules, if desired.

International fish auction
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Refilling supplies

Vessels have easy access to electricity and water during unloading at the Port of Thyboron. There is also free Wi-Fi on all quays for the benefit of crews and skippers.

Tvaerkaj 15A4309 Web

Bunkering from the water side

To protect the fish, vessels are not permitted to bunker from trucks on Konsumkaj. However, bunkering from barges from the water side is permitted. This makes it possible to refill all supplies directly during the unloading process.

Read more about bunkering via barges

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Quayside box washing facility

It is also easy at the quay to get your fish boxes cleaned for the next voyage in the quayside box washing facility.

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New water hydrants and hose reels

An efficient new water supply for filling drinking water for the crew and cleaning fishing vessels helps ensure an efficient workflow at Konsumkaj.

New water supply on Konsumkaj!
Water Hydrant Konsumkaj 4056 Web
NB! To protect the fish, vessels are not permitted to bunker from trucks or dispose of slop oil on Konsumkaj.
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Technical Data - Konsumkaj

Berth number

Berth 1
Berth 2


Water depth, m, (LAT)
Port entrance corridor, m

Quay facility specifications


Quay length, m
Quay width, m
Quay wall in m


Outrigger pressure at 2X2 m plate, 2 m from quayside, t
Outrigger pressure at 4X2 m plate, t


Quay type, Sheet pile wall
Surface type quay, asphalt
Capping beam type, concrete


Accessibility for maritime service
Accessible for cranes


Construction year

Quay equipment


Safety ladders, quantity
Safety ladders, type Galvinized Steel
Distance between safety ladders, m
Safety point, quantity


Power supplies
Power stations on quay
Power connection point, 63 amp
Power connection point, 32 amp
Water supplies at quay
Water hydrants on quay
Water feed capacity, tons or m3 per hour
Bunkering from barge
Bunkering capacity l/min
Bunkering capacity per barge, m3

Maritime equipment

Fender type
Fenders diametre, m
Fenders width, m
Distance between fenders, m
Bollard, quantity
Bollard type, bean
Bollard swl, capacity, t
Distance between bollard, m


Waste disposal
Wi-Fi, fiber connection

Fish auction and box washing facility right beside the quay

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