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Limfjordskaj I 15A4851 Web

Quays for bulk cargo

Quay facilities for all kinds of bulk cargo

The Port of Thyboron provides facilities for optimal logistics, including efficient handling of all kinds of bulk cargo – loose bulk cargo, big bags, and liquid bulk cargo.

Langholmkaj - quay 1017, 1018, 1019, 1020

Langholmkaj is an ideal cargo terminal for storing goods outdoors and in quayside warehouses, for both indoor and refrigerated storage.

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Limfjordskaj l - quay 2003, 2004

Bulk cargo terminal with a 180-metre quay, designed specifically for the customer for handling sand and gravel, with 100,000 m2 of adjacent land.

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Limfjordskaj ll - quay 2009, 2010

Project quay facilities with ample adjacent land for offshore wind projects. The heavy-lift facilities are suitable for project cargo, with a load capacity of 23 tonnes per square metre.

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Limfjordskaj lll - Quay 2015, 2016

New dedicated terminal with 220 m cargo quay and 170 000 m2 quayside storage area positioned right next to the main road offers a solid potential for efficient cargo handling near the North Sea.

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Oliekaj - quay 906, 907

130 metres of new quay designed for oil tankers, offshore supply vessels and industrial fishing vessels, which can also be used to handle bulk cargo. The quay has facilities for ex-pipe bunkering of large vessels, with a capacity to refuel at 1,500 l/min until the vessel is filled.

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Sydhavnskaj - quay 2001, 2002

Sydhavnskaj is the oldest cargo terminal at the Port of Thyboron. The terminal has environmental approval to handle residues from the FMC chemical company. The quay is used for smaller coasters that require less water depth.

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Tobiskaj - quay 903, 904, 905

Tobiskaj has a custom-designed system for loading finished products from the TripleNine A/S fishmeal and fish oil factory, and is also used as a layover quay for fishing vessels as needed.

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Project cargo and goods storage in warehouses

Heavy-lift quay facilities for project cargo and quays with adjacent warehouses are available here: