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Thyborøn Stevedore A/S

Website: www.stevedor.dk


E-mail: info@stevedor.dk

Phone: +45 9690 8808

520 Thybor N Havn Virksomheder Thybor N Steved
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Thyboron Stevedore A/S

Stevedoring in Thyboron

Thyborøn Stevedore A/S offers flexible stevedoring 24/7 – 365 days a year. We work at all hours of the day or night, adapt our rhythm and breaks to the ship and crew, and are happy to work side by side with the ship crew.

Whether the task is a simple crane lift, or a complete logistics solution, we are responsive to your needs and adapt the solution accordingly.

From our base at the Port of Thyboron, we offer dedicated services to shipowners, operators, charterers, vessels and shipping agents.

We have forklifts of all sizes and large quayside warehouse capacity behind Langholmkaj.

520 Thybor N Havn Virksomheder Thybor N Steved
Flexible and efficient service – with 24/7 operation

Innovative solutions

Time is often one of the most important factors in shipping. We therefore strive to provide good service with a minimum of delay for all types of vessels.

We are solution-oriented and have a flexible approach with a quick response time. That is why we often find creative cost-reducing solutions for our customers.

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Bulk goods in big bags

We are happy to perform special tasks such as bagging feed or wood pellets in big bags, repackaging dry and frozen goods, and distributing goods from the ship or our warehouses to end customers.

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Outdoor and indoor storage

With quayside warehouse capacity of approx. 8,000 m2 and adjacent outdoor areas, we offer good options for the temporary storage of bulk goods before shipment or after unloading.

We are also happy to load and unload the vessel if you wish.

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Simple and efficient goods handling

We transport the goods between the warehouse and cargo ship on MAFI trailers, for simple and efficient bulk goods handling.

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Container handling

If the shipper wants containers loaded on board, we can also handle these efficiently.

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