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Good facilities for goods handling

Bridge scales for weighing during loading and unloading

Several local companies operate bridge scales at the Port of Thyboron, which can be rented as needed.

Bridge scales at Tværkaj in Vestre Inderhavn

The bridge scales at Tværkaj in Vestre Inderhavn are operated by the TripleNine A/S fishmeal factory. They are ideal for bulk cargo operations on Langholmkaj and Oliekaj due to their close proximity.

Documentation on the weighings can be sent by email, including weighing slips before and after loading trucks, and a combined PDF statement that pairs the weight with the truck’s license plate and the time of weighing.

Truck drivers can be issued with a data key for pre and post weighing if the operation is planned one week ahead, and instructions to the drivers can be sent in advance.

Bridge scales contact person: Tina Kjærgaard, TripleNine A/S.

TripleNine A/S
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Bridge scales at Limfjordskaj I in Sydhavnen

Thyborøn Nordsøral operates bridge scales in their specially designed facility, which can potentially be rented for bulk cargo operations in Sydhavnen. The automated system allows documentation of weighing by other operators to be provided by photographing screens during weighings.

Bridge scales contact person: Roland Gagel, Thyborøn Nordsøral A/S

Thyborøn NordsøRal A/S
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