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Slop oil disposal

Eco-friendly slop oil management

At the Port of Thyboron, we make it easy for vessels to dispose of slop oil. The port receives more than 500 m3 of slop oil from ships calling at the port each year. The slop oil is collected from the port by a company approved to transport and receive waste oil for refining and recycling of the oil.

Contact the Port of Thyboron’s maritime department if you wish to dispose of slop oil when you arrive at port. We will make sure tanks are ready on the quay on arrival, if you prefer to pump the oil ashore yourself.

We are also happy to bring our Solus tank system if you want us to extract the slop oil. The Solus tank system has a capacity of 10000 l and can extract between 2000 and 5000 L per hour, depending on the depth of your tank and the viscosity of the slop oil. Solus can thus be a time-saving solution for you.

Maritime Department
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