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Fully automatic box washing facility

Fish boxes rapidly washed and made ready for the next trip

Klaus from the Port of Thyboron fishing association makes sure that fish boxes are washed clean when they return from a trip at sea. It takes one hour to wash 750 boxes, which is often the number vessels take to sea. That is quite an efficient service.

The box washing facility is adjacent to Konsumkaj

The box washing facility is located right next to the fish auction (Danske Fiskeauktioner A/S) at Konsumkaj, where fishing for human consumption vessels land fish in the very early hours.

At Thyboron, all the workflows of fishing vessels have been planned into the port infrastructure. Everything is within easy reach.

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Forklift drivers pick up filled boxes and return empty boxes

As soon as the fishing vessel arrives at the quay, the forklift drivers are ready and waiting. They collect the fish and drive them into the cold room immediately as they are unloaded. Once the vessel is empty, they quickly drive new, empty, clean boxes to the fishing vessel. The fish boxes are recycled for a new catch after efficient cleaning.

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Efficient box washing system

The box washing system has a capacity of 750 boxes per hour, and can actually wash up to 840 boxes per hour when things are going really well.

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