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Waste management

Eco-friendly waste management

Disposing of ship waste has to be simple and straightforward. This is the Port of Thyboron’s motto. We have therefore put mobile waste containers in place, and are happy to deliver slop oil tanks to the quay, so vessels can dispose of ship waste safely.

The Port of Thyboron is environmentally certified under ISO standard 14001. We sort waste for recycling and always strive to keep the port clean and tidy. The sorting system matches the international IMO rules. This means it is the same method as used in other European ports, making it simple for port users.

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Notification and notice

Prior to the ship calling at port, the shipmaster must notify the port guard office about the disposal of waste, stating the quantity and type of waste that the ship is expected to have on board and what waste the ship expects to dispose of. Notice of call and disposal of waste must generally be given at least 24 hours before the arrival of the ship. If this is not possible because the port of call is not known in time or because the duration of the voyage from another port is less than 24 hours, the notice of call and disposal of waste must be given as soon as possible before arrival at the port.

Before calling at the port, ships can request from our maritime department that containers or oil tanks be placed on the quay where they will be berthing.

Maritime Department

Free disposal of waste

When fish are landed at the Port of Thyboron, waste handling is included in the fish landing charge. This applies to ship waste generated since the last call at port, slop oil and worn-out fishing gear.

When fish are landed at Thyboron, only operational waste in line with the type and size of the ship and generated since the ship’s last port of call may be disposed of free of charge. Separate payment will be charged for larger quantities of ship-generated waste.


Documentation for the waste disposed of is available from our maritime department.

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