Fish for transit

In recent years, the Port of Thyborøn has become a popular port for cargoes of fish for transit, i.e. fish landed in the Port of Thyborøn and sold via auctions in other ports or countries.

The Port of Thyborøn is the ideal location for the North Sea fishing grounds. The trip to the port is relatively short and operators save on fuel and time so that the vessel spends most time fishing and as little time as possible sailing to and from port. The east-facing approach to the Thyborøn Channel makes for very reliable entry conditions. Even in poor weather, vessels can more easily enter the port at Thyborøn than other ports, where vessels sail into port directly from the harsh conditions on the North Sea.

Catches are unloaded directly from vessels to lorries with refrigerated trailers, which drive directly to the sales company in their home country (for example, Germany or the Netherlands).

Ideal conditions

At the Port of Thyborøn we have consistently upgraded the conditions we provide for transit fishermen. We offer key storage and long-term car parks for the vehicles used to transport crew engaged to work on the ships, good conditions for unloading directly from ship to truck, free wi-fi on the port, comfortable accommodation and other facilities at Konsumcenter. refuse disposal, supply of power and water, etc. 

Our accounts department calculates and settles tariffs directly with the sales company in the home port, to which the vessel has delivered the fish. Use the Port of Thyborøn as your transit port – It's as easy as ABC!

Maritime services for industrial fishermen

The Port of Thyborøn offers a full palette of maritime services. We have everything needed to keep today's fishing industry afloat. Even though transit fisherman normally spend only a short time in port, our service companies offer everything from provisioning, blacksmiths, mechanical workshops, shipwrights, electronics companies, iceworks, a supplier of marine oil to a 6,000-ton floating dock.

Divers or mobile crane services are available on request. The Port of Thyborøn supplies water, power, and refuse and waste oil containers. Contact the Port Office (24-hour service). The companies on the port and we, the port's employees, do our utmost to provide an excellent service to our customers and users.

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