Fish for human consumption

The Port of Thyborøn is a specialised port of call for vessels wishing to land high quality fish for human consumption. We provide a reliable cold chain from ship to customer. Danske Fiskeauktioner A/S (fish auction house) resides at the Konsumcenter on the Port of Thyborøn. They conduct advanced internet-based fish auctions with about 150 daily buyers from all over Europe.

Much of the fish landed at the Port of Thyborøn is fresh fish, which is sorted, cleaned, weighed, packed and frozen at sea. On each and every fish factory, every single box of fish is labelled with the name of the vessel, date and area of capture, and species and weight. Catches are landed after only a relatively short trip and therefore contain high-quality fish. 

More plaice is landed at the Port of Thyborøn than any other port in Denmark, which is largely due to the port's excellent location close to the best fishing grounds. Large volumes of fish are landed in huge fishing vessels, the majority of which are registered in Thyborøn. As we are the home port for so many fishing vessels, we enjoy the benefits of reliable deliveries for auction and can offer a good flow of raw materials to a shoal of 150 daily buyers from all parts of Europe. Thyborøn is also a port of call for many "foreign" vessels, especially in the high season.

Maritime services for human consumption fisheries

The Port of Thyborøn offers a full palette of maritime services. We have everything needed to keep today's fishing industry afloat. The Port of Thyborøn boasts everything from provisioning, blacksmiths, mechanical workshops, shipwrights, electronics companies, iceworks, a supplier of marine oil to a 6,000-ton floating dock. Divers and mobile crane services are available on request. The Port of Thyborøn supplies water, power, and refuse and waste oil containers. Contact the Port Office (24-hour service). The companies on the port and we, the port's employees, do our utmost to provide an excellent service to our customers and users.

The Port of Thyborøn's Konsumcenter, which houses our fish auction, offers comfortable accommodation and other facilities for fishermen laid up in the port.

New ideas and constant development

The Port of Thyborøn is – and will continue to be – an active and development-oriented company, which creates exceptional conditions for port activities. By combining high standards of service and initiative with great strength of will, we seek to ensure that the Port of Thyborøn remains one of Denmark's leading fishing ports. We aim to intensify positive development here by raising fish quality to new heights – maintaining cold chain efficiency and optimising our services to meet new customer requirements. Last, but by no means least, the Port of Thyborøn aims tirelessly to sweep the horizon for new opportunities and developments with industry, and we hope to remain an attractive proposition for new players who wish to drop anchor in Thyborøn.

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