Industrial Fishing

The Port of Thyborøn is home to a vibrant, modern commercial fishing industry. 

TripleNine Fish Protein A/S is one of leading suppliers of fishmeal in Denmark and Northern Europe. At Thyborøn, the company has excellent loading facilities and a state-of-the-art production plant. Together they are a strong basis for processing large volumes of fish at good prices for the fishermen. For TripleNine, its location at Thyborøn is beneficial for foreign cargo. For example, Norwegian industrial fishing vessels land their catches here.

Maritime services for industrial fisheries

The Port of Thyborøn offers a full palette of maritime services. We have everything needed to keep today's fishing industry afloat. The Port of Thyborøn boasts everything from provisioning, blacksmiths, mechanical workshops, shipwrights, electronics companies, iceworks, a supplier of marine oil to a 6,000-ton floating dock. Divers and mobile crane services are available on request. The Port of Thyborøn supplies water, power, and refuse and waste oil containers. Contact the Port Office (24-hour service). The companies on the port and we, the port's employees, do everything we can to provide an excellent service to customers and users.

The Port of Thyborøn's Konsumcenter, which houses our fish auction, offers comfortable accommodation and other facilities for fishermen laid up in the port. 

TripleNine Fish Protein A/S offers a 24-hour offloading service at four loading docks, where bunkering is also an option. We seek to provide the best possible conditions, at which local and foreign fishing vessels can land industrial catches.

To order offloading, call TripleNine Fish Protein's hotline on +45 9690 0432. (open 24 hours).

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