11 / 11 / 2019 Project cargo at the Port of Thyboron

Positive customer experience with heavy-lift quay facilities in Thyboron.Inau...

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26 / 09 / 2019 Increased entrance water depth in 2020!

The wishes expressed by Thyboron Port customers over many years for the port ...

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Within the last ten years, the Port of Thyboron has developed from a port purely used by the fisheries industry into an important bulk cargo port for Central and West Jutland in its entirety. Thanks to its unique location on the North Sea coast with relatively short distances by road to and from "industrial Denmark" in combination with good water depths, good quay and warehousing facilities and easy access to other means of transport, the Port of Thyboron now handles about 1.5 million tons of bulk cargo a year.

The Port of Thyboron takes care of operations on the quays – and much more besides. At Thyboron, we challenge the norms of regular cargo logistics. We create optimal conditions for distributing cargo to and from the sea to every corner of Central and Western Jutland.

We handle a very wide range of cargoes. Cargoes include gravel for the concrete industry, biomass and timber products for gas and heating plant, frozen fish waste for feed production, crushed aggregate for asphalt production, chemicals in tankers, agricultural products for fodder production, transformers for wind farms – and much more.

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  • Water level Harbour22:14
    0.02 m
  • Current wind speed22:14
    5.5 m/s
  • Wind gust22:14
    8.2 m/s
  • Current wind direction22:14
    SW 205°