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Thyboron Port News

The Port of Thyboron newsletter reports on the wide range of news from the port. This includes new activities, new facilities and other positive port stories. The newsletter is published several times a year, and this page shows a list of the latest issues.

Thyboron Port News September 2021

Increased water depth in the entrance to the Port of Thyboron ensures the navigation for the biggest industrial fishing vessels and larger cargo and offshore vessels. Numerous news for the fishermen were presented at the Danfish International exhibition in Aalborg. New website created as a tool for our customers is now online in Danish and English.

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Thyboron Port News April 2021

Imminent port expansion offers solid potential for efficient cargo handling on new quayside land. New sustainable fishing vessels are built at the Port of Thyboron. New port assistant, originally from the Netherlands, starts at the Port of Thyboron. The TripleNine A/S fishmeal and fish oil factory receives the 2020 initiative award. These are the topics in this issue of the Port of Thyboron newsletter.

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Thyboron Port News November 2020

Articles on permit to deepen the entrance to the Port of Thyboron. New bunker facilities with high capacity. Recycling Danish seine line used for fishing for human consumption. Women at work – Mascot photographs new collection in Thyboron and the fishing sector just before Brexit.

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Thyboron Port News September 2020

This issue has articles on the DKK 97 million invested in fishing in Thyboron. New unloading facilities for industrial fishing and a new harbour basin for newbuildings commencing operation in 2020. Positive growth despite COVID-19.

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Thyboron Port News May 2020

Extensive seabed surveys for future offshore wind farms in the North Sea being conducted from Thyboron. This issue has articles on the above, as well as information about a major renovation of a large CTV fleet for offshore wind service, and bulk cargo, which is increasingly finding its way to Thyboron.

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Thyboron Port News March 2020

Thyboron offers ample space for wind turbine logistics and easy access to a road network for further transport of onshore wind turbines. There is more information about the above in the March issue of the Port of Thyboron newsletter, along with the financial report for 2019. Transport opportunities from the west in any weather conditions can make a difference. The Port of Thyboron appoints an environment engineer to focus on developing a more sustainable port, and a seasoned fishing skipper in the port guard.

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Thyboron Port News November 2019

Numerous newbuildings for fishing are being built in Thyboron. There has been a particularly high number for fishing for human consumption in recent years. There is a report on this in this issue of the Port of Thyboron newsletter. You can see also the director’s analysis and impressions from various trade fairs for fishing and offshore wind energy. There is also good news from HM Service, which is building warehouses throughout the Nordic region.

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Thyborøn Havnenyt September 2019

The heavy-lift quay facilities in Sydhavnen show their mettle when heavy project goods such as transformers arrive by road. Project to renovate the Vestre Inderhavn harbour basin commences, and Morten Broberg starts at the TripleNine A/S fishmeal factory. You can read more about the above in this issue of the Port of Thyboron newsletter.

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