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Quays for maritime services

Easy access for cranes and maritime technicians

The Port of Thyboron offers easy access for cranes and service vehicles across most of the harbour. The large cluster of local service companies can perform maritime services without disruptions at all the quays below, and can provide an acute response on several of these.


Numerous new fishing for human consumption vessels are built at Beddingkaj, adjacent to the Thyborøn Skibs & Motor A/S shipyard. The quay is also suitable for ship repair and conversion.

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Gåseholmkaj is ideal for man overboard exercises with the fishing school, and maritime service on smaller vessels. There are also good working conditions for CTVs, with quayside land for equipment storage and good parking facilities.

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Isværkkaj is suitable for fishing for human consumption vessels, including transit fishing vessels. It is also ideal for ship repair and maintenance from the nearby Kynde & Toft A/S and Thyborøn Skibs & Motor A/S shipyards.

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Nordre Mole

Nordre Mole is ideal as a layover quay for offshore supply vessels. The pier has been renovated and expanded to a width of 10.5 metres, ensuring easy access for maritime services.

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Nordsøkaj has been built for maritime services for fishing vessels. The quay can handle heavy lifting, and offers excellent access for maritime services. Numerous maritime service companies are located right beside Nordsøkaj.

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Svanholmkaj is ideal for repairing and replacing fishing gear such as Danish seine line. The quayside trawl-stretching facility offers good opportunities for inspecting fishing gear.

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Quay suitable for maritime services related to the repair and maintenance and new construction of fishing vessels. The Kynde & Toft A/S shipyard is located right beside Tværkaj.

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Værftkaj quay is located near the slipway and floating dock. It is therefore widely used for maritime services from nearby service companies. In particular, a lot of surface treatment work is done at Værftkaj.

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