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Thyborøn Shipyard

Website: https://www.t-sy.net/


E-mail: info@t-sy.dk

Phone: +45 38 42 42 10


Phone: +45 38 42 42 10

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Thyboron Shipyard

Dock in

Shipyard that operates the largest floating dock on the west coast of Denmark

We offer this

We can inspect your vessel from mast to propeller. Yes, we can even check your internet. In collaboration with a full range of tradesmen at the port, we ensure that all repair tasks can be performed during a single docking. Carpenters, electricians, metal workers, painters and inspectors to approve the sheet metal work are standing by. Having both the experience and the staff on hand at the port dramatically improves responsiveness.

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Ready at the agreed time

Flexibility is a must in maritime services, where the scope of work tends to change from one moment to the next. Once work commences on the vessel, more things may arise than are noted on the dock list, which it would be very good to fix while the vessel is still in dock. This does not change the deadline by which the vessel must be ready. We know that a tight schedule awaits the vessel immediately after a service visit in the dock. We therefore do our utmost to get it ready at the agreed time, no matter how much work ends up having to be done.

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Two dock pits

With two dock pits, the floating dock can take two vessels into dock at the same time. This significantly increases flexibility and efficiency, which is critical during periods of peak demand.

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24-hour service – 365 days a year
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Facilities with high capacity

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