Floating Dock & Slip Way

The Port of Thyborøn is Denmark's third-largest port in terms of dock capacity. Thyborøn Shipyard operates a 153 m long and 33 m wide floating dock, which can raise vessels weighing up to 9,000 tons. The inner dock measures 150 x 25 metres. This is the largest-capacity floating dock on the Danish North Sea coast.

Thyborøn Shipyard is owned and operated by two metalworking companies, Thyborøn Skibs- og Motor and Kynde & Toft. They also run Thyborøn Ophalerbedding – slipway services with space for four vessels of up to about 800 tons – and Beddingselskabet Thyborøn, which offers a slipway close to the quay.

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  • Water level Harbour09:01
    -0.12 m
  • Current wind speed09:01
    2.5 m/s
  • Wind gust09:01
    3.8 m/s
  • Current wind direction09:01
    W 256°