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The environment is a key focus area in the Port of Thyboron’s daily operations.

We direct our efforts towards two general environmental goals:

CO2 neutrality by 2030

Recovering ship waste as a real resource


Energy consumption

As part of our environment strategy, we continually optimise the energy efficiency of our operations:

  • We converted all the port lighting to LEDs in 2018.
  • The port office was replaced with a new energy-efficient building in 2019.
  • The cooling system at the fish auction was replaced with an environmentally optimised system in 2021, and an agreement was struck with Thyborøn Fjernvarme at the same time to utilise surplus heat from the cooling process as a resource. Read more about utilising surplus heat at the Port of Thyboron
  • The first rapid charger in the area was installed by the Port of Thyboron in 2022, offering electric vehicle drivers rapid charging in West Jutland.
  • Petrol and diesel vehicles are being phased out. We only buy vehicles and machines that use eco-friendly fuel.

Shore power and electricity supply from renewable energy

The Port of Thyboron is located in one of the areas with the highest green energy production (solar and wind) in Denmark. More than twice as much electricity is produced as is used locally. The Port of Thyboron’s annual electricity consumption is thus covered exclusively by renewable energy sources.

Shore power for ships

All fishing vessels, large and small, can get shore power at the Port of Thyboron. We are currently working towards being able to offer shore power to the largest offshore vessels in 2024.

Waste management and environmental protection

We take great care to handle ship waste safely and have set procedures for ship waste and waste oil management.

A large inventory of floating barriers is one element of our emergency preparedness, to ensure we can respond rapidly in the event of a spill in the port.

Circular economy

We work proactively to increase ship waste recycling and keep environmental accounts.

Our goal is for 50% of collected waste to be recycled in the future, to give the circular economy a boost.

Slop oil from vessels

Vessels that dispose of their waste oil at the Port of Thyboron can be confident that it will benefit the circular economy.

A certified partner with environmental approval purifies the collected waste oil and ensures that as much as possible is re-refined for recycling.

Ninety per cent of the waste oil collected at the Port of Thyboron is currently recycled!

Key environment figures

At the Port of Thyboron, we strive to always meet the highest environmental standards, and have a goal of CO2 neutrality by 2030.

Find out more in our Key environment Figures.

Key Environment Figures 2022 Thyboron Port Side 1
Key Environment Figures 2022

Environment news

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals with particular focus on the following five:

Theglobalgoals Icons Color Goal 7

Affordable and clean energi

As far as possible, we help ensure access to sustainable energy at an affordable price.

Theglobalgoals Icons Color Goal 13

Climate action

We work continually to mitigate climate change as a result of our activities and the consequences thereof.

Theglobalgoals Icons Color Goal 11

Sustainable cities and communities

We contribute to the sustainable and attractive development of the local.

Theglobalgoals Icons Color Goal 14

Life below water

We help to ensure the sustainable use of the world’s oceans and their resources.

Theglobalgoals Icons Color Goal 12

Responsible consumption and production

We ensure sustainable consumption and production methods in all our activities.