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TripleNine A/S

Website: 999.dk


E-mail: 999@999.dk

Phone: +45 7912 0999

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TripleNine A/S

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Safe landing for industrial fish

With a central location at the Port of Thyboron, right next to the North Sea, we offer optimal unloading options and large capacity.

In addition to a service that is second to none, we offer:

  • Competitive prices for the fish
  • Quick discharging
  • Refueling with fishing diesel at a good price
  • Registration 24/7/365

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We are a solid industrial fish cargo company and have a wealth of experience in our field. Founded in 1955, the company was originally named Thyborøn Andels Fiskeindustri a.m.b.a. In 2001 we merged with Esbjerg Fiskeindustri a.m.b.a. to become TripleNine Fish Protein.

Our production facilities here in Thyborøn are TripleNine's primary fish meal and fish oil production facilities.

TripleNine A/S is part of the TripleNine Group – a leading international producer of fish meal and fish oil. Our group headquarters is in Esbjerg. We have production facilities in Denmark (Thyborøn), Norway (Langevåg) and Chile (Lota). The company is also active in Africa and Asia.

The TripleNine Group's annual revenue is DKK 1.5 billion. We have 270 employees.

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TTripleNine A/S operates a bridge scalesat the Port of Thyboron, which can be hired for cargo handling activities.
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