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Gravel terminal

Terminal for sorting and preparing gravel for the construction industry

Goods terminal for raw materials

The Port of Thyboron’s location close to Jyske Rev has provided optimal conditions for developing marine rubble extraction for the concrete industry. Customer-specific infrastructure has been developed in close cooperation, with facilities for sorting and preparing gravel for the construction industry on 100,000 m2 of quayside land and a 180-metre long quay.

Short travelling distance for extraction vessels

The dredgers have a short distance from the stone reef to the Port of Thyboron, ensuring optimum operation for the ships

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Gravel sorted on land

The raw gravel is sorted into the various stone sizes on land. It is then either delivered by road directly to the concrete factories or on cargo ships to Danish and foreign customers. In order to optimally utilise the sea route, increasing quantities are now being shipped out of the port again after sorting.

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Ample space for manoeuvring

The large front-end loaders have plenty of room for manoeuvring and handling the large gravel heaps on the harbour shore.

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Shipment of final products

Final products are increasingly delivered by sea. After sorting on land, coasters are loaded with final goods for export or delivery to other Danish ports. This is a good example of reducing road transport and relieving the road network in east Denmark.

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Gravel in all sizes

Dredgers collect gravel in all sizes. A major sorting effort is therefore required on shore before the final products are ready and sorted by size.

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A peek into the industry
See how gravel is handled at the Port of Thyboron in a specially designed large-scale logistics system.