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Paint and surface coatings

We have extensive experience painting and surface treating vessels at the Port of Thyboron. If your bottom paint needs maintenance, there are good facilities for taking the vessel into dry dock in Thyboron.

Surface Treatment 4494 Web

Quayside location

We are based right beside Værftkaj at the Port of Thyboron, and have our warehouse very close to the quay. If paintwork needs minor repairs, it’s a great advantage that vessels can get so close to our facilities.

Vaerftkaj 15A4704 Cropped Dancoat Web
Mostein Crop 1 Web
Bedding Dan Coat 3253 Web
Surface Treatment 4500 Adjusted Web
Surface Treatment 4551 Web
Dancoat 2794 Web
Vaerftkaj 15A4708 Cropped Dancoat Web
Dancoat 7306 Web
Vaerftkaj 15A4695 Cropped Dancoat Web
Surface Treatment 4499 Web
Mostein Crop 2 Web
Surface Treatment 4552 Web
Bedding Dan Coat 3254 Web