Fish Auction

- the most modern fish auction in Denmark

Danske Fiskeauktioner A/S is Denmark's most up-to-date fish auction. We run online fish auctions and have state-of-the-art facilities and modernised auction halls at our disposal on three Danish ports, i.e. Thyborøn, Hvide Sande and Thorsminde.

Our suppliers offload regular cargoes of high-quality fish and we guarantee that we handle, load, sort, store and deliver fish to the highest industrial standards. We do our utmost to maintain cold chain efficiency and have hi-tech sorting machinery with automatic ice dosing, etc., and highly professional and experienced staff at our disposal.

We are, of course, MSC-certified and we offer full traceability in all our processes. Last, but not least, we enjoy the benefits of having not only a large shoal of suppliers who deliver a regular flow of fish, but also many Danish and international buyers who are prepared to pay us the best possible prices.

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