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Newbuilding L232 Tove Kynde

Newbuilding Tove Kynde L232 was delivered by Kynde & Toft A/S in late October 2020. The vessel has been well received by Martin Kynde, an enterprising young fisherman who with great enthusiasm at the beginning of his career wanted to fish from a wooden cutter like his grandfather, and now plans to run more sustainable fishing operations, with better working conditions on board. With this newbuilding, the talented fisherman has switched to an ultra-modern new multifunction flyshooter and trawler.

The vessel is 23.95 m long and 7.40 m wide. Compared to the old cutter, the cargo hold is three times larger. This improves profitability and makes room for fish to be handled more smoothly in an uninterrupted workflow, from when they are taken on board, to sorting, cleaning and storage on ice.

Sustainability has also been improved with a new driveline and a more eco-friendly engine. Working conditions have also been improved, with better safety and crew comfort. Individual cabins and better toilet and showering conditions will make a huge difference compared to the old wooden cutter from 1973.

The new vessel, Tove Kynde L232, was therefore eagerly received when Kynde & Toft A/S finished fitting it out. The vessel allows for a 4-man crew plus an apprentice, and with a few replacements based on land there will be opportunities for more free time.

At the Port of Thyboron, we enjoy watching the beautiful new vessel as it enters and leaves the harbour in front of the port office. She is a living example of how better working conditions and safety have developed in the fishing sector, and she brings a friendly smile to our faces every time she sails past. If you ask Martin Kynde if he enjoys operating the vessel, he answers with ‘we’ and not ‘I’, because they are a team on board, and the answer is unequivocal that it is a completely different world.

Nybygning DK L 232 Tove Kynde 020 Thyborøn Web
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Tove Kynde 261260655 346189733978872 8914733622136085193 N Web
Tove Kynde 260854561 1241225833068674 5830176739520582028 N Web
Nybygning DK L 232 Tove Kynde 020 Thyborøn Web
Nybygning Tove Kynde UOLE9244 Web
Nybygning Tove Kynde XBKI7932 Web
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Tove Kynde 261256535 311829803921949 4565712664312458457 N Web
Tove Kynde 261423997 443920507329615 4353211921986800044 N Web
Tove Kynde 261815049 217156197227157 8784678370901740587 N Web
Tove Kynde 260886507 431972698387195 2284479315996007916 N Web
Tove Kynde 260994961 794921001220006 541357907953669489 N Web
Tove Kynde 261523388 222370803370392 7901635176633941346 N Web
Tove Kynde 262183447 378931754021689 5578890978396091545 N Web
Tove Kynde 262202103 585097662601763 1445287094933272714 N Web
Tove Kynde 261320285 269023458597943 845365286438734717 N Web
Tove Kynde 261508722 3353614141429958 2132530027445554657 N Web
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