Terms, Conditions & Prices

Charges on vessels


Per call:  

EUR 0.34 per gross ton

Monthly charge:   

EUR 1.51 per gross ton


When landing fish cargo in Thyborøn, ships registered as fishing vessels are exempt from charges.

ISPS security fee


Per call:

EUR 0.05 per gross ton

Monthly charge:   

EUR 0.19 per gross ton

Mooring charges


For details, see "Terms and Conditions and Prices" (below).

Commodity Dues


Principal tariff:   

EUR 2.12 per ton

Special tariff I: 

EUR 1.34 per ton
E.g. metals, timber, animal feedstuffs, grain.

Special tariff II:

EUR 0.60 per ton
E.g. stone, chalk, non-edible products of animal origin.

For a more detailed list of commodities, see "Terms and Conditions and Prices" (below).

Tariff value of fish and shellfish


Tariff value:   

2.4% of the first-hand selling price
although not more than EUR 4,093.96 per cargo.

Lease of port areas on contract


Basic lease contract rate:   

EUR 2.97 pr. m2 per year

Consolidated area lease contract rate:

EUR 5.93 pr. m2 per year

Occasional lease charge


For areas reserved for laying up goods, an occasional area charge of EUR 0.03/m2/day 
(although at least EUR 33.56 per occasion) is chargeable.

For bays and other spaces designated for storing fishing equipment, the rate payable is EUR 0.90/day/bay.
The equipment must be labelled with the name of the fishing vessel. 


All prices stated are ex VAT.

We reserve the right to pass on exchange-rate related price increases.

For a more detailed price list, see "Terms and Conditions and Prices" (below).

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