11 / 11 / 2019 Project cargo at the Port of Thyboron

Positive customer experience with heavy-lift quay facilities in Thyboron.Inau...

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08 / 11 / 2019 DKK 22 million invested in quayside facilities for new builds and transit fishing

Harbour basin utilisation rates are of considerable importance to a port. Ens...

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26 / 09 / 2019 Increased entrance water depth in 2020!

The wishes expressed by Thyboron Port customers over many years for the port ...

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With its new heavy goods quay, Limfjordskaj II, the Port of Thyborøn offers outstanding facilities for decommissioning offshore structures. As it is located more than 1.5 kilometres from the nearest housing area, conditions here for decommissioning work are ideal. 

Limfjordskaj II is 180 metres long. The quay is 35 metres wide and has load capacity of 23 tons per m2. This makes the quay ideal for handling even the largest elements. There is also 150,000 m2 of available land beyond the quay.

Sailing times to the northernmost oil and gas fields in the Danish sector are shorter from Thyborøn than from Esbjerg. If you break down parts of offshore structures at sea and then bring them ashore, short sailing times are important.

For details on navigation conditions, quay facilities, etc., contact the Port Administration Office.

  • Water level Harbour16:55
    0.37 m
  • Current wind speed16:55
    4.6 m/s
  • Wind gust16:55
    5.6 m/s
  • Current wind direction16:55
    NE 47°