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History of maritime services

The Port of Thyboron is a powerhouse for the maritime services industry and for business growth throughout the region. The service industry has grown steadily for generations, in step with the growth of the fishing sector. The cutters have become larger and very modern over the years. We have therefore seen the service companies expand their expertise into sectors other than fishing in recent years. Everything from cargo ships to construction and offshore vessels are now serviced at the Port of Thyboron.

Fishing-related skills such as trawl net making are also very strongly represented at the Port of Thyboron. Several companies have state-of-the-art production facilities, and trawls can be seen being stretched and repaired along the port’s quays on a daily basis.

Thyborøn Havn fra Luften
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Thyboron Port in 2015
Before the floating dock and the new highspeed discharging quay facilities for the industrial fishing was constructed, and before the offshore sector found its way to Thyboron.