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Trawlstræk Sydhalen 4540 Web

Trawl-stretching facility Sydhalen

Trawl stretching with an easy overview

The trawl-stretching facility at Sydhalen can service even the largest trawls and Dutch transit fishing vessels

As fishing vessels increase in size, trawls also get bigger.

The large trawl-stretching facility at Sydhalen at the Port of Thyboron offer lots of space, making the work of trawl makers more efficient and flexible.

The trawl-stretching facility is so large that it saves a lot of unnecessary handling and offers an exceptional overview.

Facilities for efficient trawl repairs

The trawl-stretching facility has been placed in an area of the port where seine makers can work undisrupted.

The 500-metre long trawl-stretching facility allows the entire trawl to be spread out on the asphalt, so that seine makers can avoid unnecessary handling like having to move the trawl around during repair. It also offers an exceptional overview of the large trawls.

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Bollards at each end

The trawl-stretching facility has two 20-tonne SWL bollards at each end. The large, heavy trawls can be attached here and pulled out by trucks (for which there is easy access to the area).

Trawlstræk Sydhalen MKF4341 Web

Working light at the trawl-stretching facility

The facility has LED lighting every 75 metres, so there is light for working during the early mornings and late evenings in the winter half year. The facilities thus help to ensure a rapid response, 24/7/365.

Trawlstræk Sydhalen 4540 Web

Comfort and good working conditions

To protect the seine makers from the west wind, the trawl-stretching facility has an embankment that provides shelter.

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Good access conditions for trucks

Lots of space and unobstructed vision allows easy truck manoeuvring at the facility.

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