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Port of Thyboron´s new Board of Directors

Port of Thyboron board 2022

Following the municipal elections, the Port of Thyboron has a new Board of Directors. The port’s board is appointed by the municipal council and serves for the same term, i.e. for four years from 2022 to 2025.

When the port’s board starts a new term, there are traditionally changes to its composition, and this was the case again this time. Two board members – Kenneth Iversen and John Bennet-Therkildsen – have chosen to step down after many years of dedicated work on developing the Port of Thyboron. This means that two new members have joined the board for the coming term.

One of the new members is Jan From, who is originally from Harboøre and now lives in Holstebro. Jan has had a long career in the wind energy sector at Vestas and is currently Vice President of Global Service Operations at Vestas. Jan brings both global and specific offshore wind energy sector competencies to the port’s board. Given the current developments in the North Sea, in close proximity to the port, Jan From brings key knowledge and expertise that can help ensure that the right strategic decisions are made for the port’s future endeavours.

The other new member on the board is Steen Bitsch from Lemvig. Steen has had a long career in areas such as the dry goods sector, and is currently CEO of Vestjyllands Andel. Steen brings broad knowledge and insight to the port’s board, in areas ranging from the dry goods sector to transport and logistics, green energy and the green transition. This is also an area of increasing importance for the Port of Thyboron. Extensive insight is also important in this area, and will benefit the port’s work with the green transition and future investments in expanded cargo operations.

The port’s new Board of Directors has already got down to business. The first meeting has been held, and Karl Kristian Bro was appointed as chairman and Mayor Erik Flyvholm as vice chairman.
Karl Kristian Bro made these comments in connection with his appointment: “A lot has happened at the Port of Thyboron since 2001 when it became a municipal self-governing port owned by Lemvig Municipality. It has been an exciting journey which I look forward to continuing on as chairman. Development has accelerated at the Port of Thyboron in all areas, particularly in recent years. The port has grown into a large and significant port, not only on the west coast of Jutland, but at the national level. The port’s board and management will work hard to ensure continued growth.”

The Port of Thyboron recently undertook a major construction project, expanding the cargo handling areas in Sydhavnen and building the new ‘Limfjordskaj III’ cargo quay. The port expansion utilised the material from the recent dredging of the fairway to the Port of Thyboron to a depth of 10 metres. The new port area will provide even more opportunities for continued growth within the port’s existing cargo business, and potentially attract new cargo and offshore activities in the coming years.

Karl Kristian Bro concludes: “It is a pleasure to be part of developing the port at this time, as the port and its many customers and partners all pull together. There is a good atmosphere at the port and excellent cooperation between customers and the port management, so the conditions are certainly right for continued joint development and growth in the coming years”.

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Published Thursday, January 20, 2022